Deepen With the Plants

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Deepen With the Plants

Learn to weave a new oil or blend into your life every week with this totally free program.

So much magic is available to us when we slow down, tune into the subtleties and sharpen our senses.

This experience is open to everyone, anywhere in the world, from any team, if you don't have access to our oils yet, that's ok, we can help you get them drop shipped to your door at wholesale prices.

The idea of spending a week creating a relationship with each oil or blend hit me like a bolt of lightning one day, you know those moments of pure magic and inspiration?

It just lit me up.

Here’s why I think this is so special.

Each plant has so much to offer us, far beyond anything we will ever be able to truly comprehend on the physical plane.

There is so much science and research constantly coming to light about the benefits of plants, of essential oils. I am constantly completely blown away by how these can impact people on a physical, cellular level, but I am also acutely aware of how little we know, the information we have is a drop in the ocean.

The subtleties and complexities of plants and the way they work with us emotionally and energetically.. is a magic beyond understanding.

It has to be experienced and felt, and even then, what we can feel and what is actually happening in subtle ways, beyond the very limited capacity of what we are consciously aware of, are two very different things.

When we work with plants over time, this has a significant compounding effect on the way we experience the world, on the way we experience ourselves. They change us. I’ve experienced it and witnessed it personally, over and over, on a large scale for six and a half years. And also I will never truly know or be able to comprehend what's unfolding, I’ll leave that knowing up to the plants, nature is incredibly wise and powerful, she knows what she is doing, and we have the deep honour of having the ability to lean into her knowing, to let her hold and support us.

What can often happen is that we turn to the same handful of oils over and over, maybe we don’t really know how to incorporate others, or understand what they can offer us, maybe we just get in a routine, and don’t really take the time to differ from it, and that’s cool, these plants are our allies, they support us and love us anyway.

But what if we took the chance to deepen our understanding of these plants, to broaden our horizons and experiences?

Why not make the effort to create a real relationship with each plant, with each stunning, powerfully and magically curated blend?

This is my invitation to you, should you choose to take it.

To join me to deepen with the plants.

To allow the heart of the plants to lead you.

To learn to weave a different oil or blend into your life every week and to really witness what unfolds for you.

To create a sacredness around it, to be truly present with that particular oil or blend, and to create a deeper relationship and understanding of it and with it, so that you can tap into deeper layers of support and lean into the magic that is waiting for you.

Here’s how it will work, each Monday from Jan 4 2021 I will be sharing information, recipes and an offering to work with that particular oil or blend as your focus for the week.

The oils and blends will be in alphabetical order, I will have a blog post, share on my socials and email out the information surrounding that plant, where it comes from, some physical properties and deeper understanding of the emotional/energetic/metaphysical properties.

The cool thing is though, the information I share will only just scratch the surface of what this plant can offer you, you get to use your intuition and create your own relationship with this plant.

I look forward to going on this journey with you.

I can feel the magic unfolding already of deepening in this way with the plants.

Thank you for being open to this invitation.

Simply pop your email in and keep an eye out for the emails to come through with which oils to order to get started and on my social media accounts for more info and interaction, I look forward to hearing your stories and experiences as it unfolds.

The first oils we will be working with are Adaptiv (touch roller or 15ml oil, either or both is fine), the Yoga Collection (as each oil in this collection starts with a, Affirm, Anchor and Ascend), Arborvitae and AromaTouch, order these now if you do not already have them so that they arrive in time for us to begin on Jan 4th. I am also going to order the Ancient Oils collection to get my order above 200pv so that I can qualify for the free 15ml Frankincense valued at Aud $119.97 RRP ($90 wholesale).

Jessie x

PS If you do not yet have a doTERRA account please contact me directly via email at and I will help you get set up or please reach out to the person that introduced you to doTERRA. We can help get you set up so that you get your oils at wholesale prices, drop shipped to your door.


About the Creator

Jessie Reimers has been a student of the plants for six and a half years, she is a doTERRA Australia Founder and deeply passionate about helping people come home to themselves and return to nature. These oils and blends have profoundly personally impacted her and she wants to see more people experience their magic and transformation through connecting more deeply with them.

Deepen With the Plants